Los Dells Festival | Trip Planning


Festival Venue & Location

Los Dells Festival is a short drive from the following cities:


 Madison – 74 Miles

 Milwaukee – 140 Miles

 Minneapolis – 200 Miles

 Chicago – 215 Miles

Official Hotels of Los Dells 2018

Want to stay where the action is at?

Book with one of our official hotel partners!

Call Direct to the hotel for these rates:

Woodside Dells Hotel

Rate: $159 and up

To book: 1-800-626-4275

Ask for Room Block “Los Dells 18”

Chula Vista

Rate: $ 129 and up

To book: 1-844-759-9119

Ask for Room Block code “G48610”

Holiday Inn

Rate: $229

To Book: 1-608-253-3000

Ask for Room Block “Los Dells 18”


Rate: $159

To Book: 1-800-648-4765 ext 1

Ask for Room Block “Los Dells”


Rate: $129

To Book: 1-608-253-2911

Ask for Room Block “Los Dells”

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